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79 Minutes / Full HD / Color / Observational Stlye

City life is tough. City dwellers all around the world dream of escaping to the country. Istanbul's Merve and Haluk do more than just dream. We follow them for two years as they experience many surprises as they transition from city to country life. While they are leaving the country for their dreams, they leave astern what they have and as a viewer, we observe the chaotic city and their ideal world which they produce for themselves. During the film, we looking for the answers to some questions like “Can they abandon their habits special to metropolitan life? Can they break the rules of modern life that they habituated to? Can they succeed to make a good communication with the local people which they have a different socio-economic status and a different culture? and Can they struggle with the harsh weather conditions of the island which they didn’t experienced at all?’

Screenings & Festivals

Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary - Turkey - 2017

The Sustainable Living Film Festival (SYFF) - Turkey - 2017

Middle East Now Film Festival - Italy - 2017

Burgas International Film Festival - Bulgaria - 2018

Photo Gallery

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